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Sound Therapy & Voice Analysis

Through a process called "Voice Analysis" I listen to your speaking voice with a sound tuning device. From the analysis, I am able determine which frequencies are currently active within your energy field and which ones are not.

Why do a Voice Analysis Chart

Voice charts are as unique as fingerprints.  There is no one perfect chart.  At different times in our lives, we focus on different areas (i.e., career, relationship, spiritual growth, health, fitness, etc.)  Our voice is a blueprint of our soul and will reflect that focus.  When one of the 12 tones is completely missing from the chart or very overactive, the individual will experience effects from this on many levels.   Each tone plays a powerful role in activating our energetic field and our physical and emotional bodily functions.  While we cannot expect to be perfectly balanced (tonally) at all times, we can come closer to a balanced state of being, allowing our body’s energy centers or chakras to function more efficiently.  This balanced state of being is noticeable, resulting in greater feelings of groundedness, personal power, creativity, prosperity, libido, energy, love, ease in communication, intuition and/or spiritual connectedness (depending on the area of activation). 

Once I identify the frequencies you are broadcasting through your speaking voice (or NOT broadcasting, as the case may be),  we then use Sound Therapy (i.e., sound toning to either release blocked energy or restore inactive frequencies) to clear and balance the body’s energy.  The following Chart shows how the the different tones relate to each of the chakras centers.

                                        Tones                        Correlating Chakras

                                            B/Bb                        7th Chakra - Crown: Violet/Purple

                                                                                                           (Spiritual Connectedness, Oneness)

                                            A#/A                        6th Chakra - Brow:  Indigo

                                                                                                           (Intuition, Vision, Wisdom)

                                            G#/G                        5th Chakra - Throat:  Blue

                                                                                (Communication, Self- Expression)

                                            F#/F                        4th Chakra - Heart: Green     

                                                                                                           (Feelings of Love & Connectedness)

                                            E                             3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus: Yellow

                                                                                                           (Energy & Vitality)

                                            D#/D                        2nd Chakra – Spleen: Orange

                                                                                                     (Prosperity, Creativity, Libido)

                                            C#/C                        1st Chakra – Root: Red

                                                                                                            (Groundedness, Stability, Personal Power)

After voice analysis chart is completed a Sound Therapy CD is provided to bring your energy back into balance.  CD is listened to while you are sleeping.

(Your Voice Analysis Chart is recorded via telephone 562.305.5705 or in person)

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