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What is Reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy and is an energetic healing method


Universal life force within the Human body is vibrational energy.  It is commonly understood that during stress and illness, energy that usually flows through the body can become depleted, blocked, and unbalanced. Reiki helps raise, replenish and rebalance that energy. Reiki promotes relaxation, a sense of peace, security and well-being that promotes self healing.


How does Reiki work?


Reiki practitioners receive attunements which raise and accelerate their energy flow. The practitioner provides Reiki sessions by the gentle act of allowing energy to flow out through their hands.


Reiki works on elevating the energy level of a person, place, animal, plant etc.  Usually after a treatment, a person will feel relaxed sometimes energized and at peace. Reiki energy is always positive, it can do no harm.


How Reiki sessions can help:


·        Reiki is used to complement and enhance all levels of medical treatment

·        It can help relieve stress, agitation, acute and chronic pain

·        Can assist in the improvement of overall energy levels

·        Can assist in promoting rest and improved sleep patterns

·        Can assist in enhancing comfort measures

·        Can help to accelerate wound healing



 Based on the principle of Chi, universal life energy, Reiki promotes healing through methods that are rooted in spiritual tradition.  In Reiki, a practitioner’s hands are very gently placed on the fully clothed body of a person in a variety of established places on the head, arms, core, and feet.  Treatments vary with each individual.




(Reiki Healings are performed in person or distantly for more information call 562.305.5705 or e-mail Sandra@HeartsDesire.org)

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