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What your Heart Wants Pendulum Game

The Hearts Desire Pendulum Game is for entertainment only, a sample of it is shown here.  The game is to be used with a pendulum and all kinds of question can be asked!

Instructions:  Hold small end of pendulum between thumb and index finger loosely.  Hold the larger end of the pendulum slightly above the small heart inside the large green heart.


Ask a question with a yes answer and watch the pendulum swing to the YES on the game board, to see how easy it is to play the game.   Than ask any question you want regarding dates, money, words or just about anything.  Have fun with the game and finding out what your heart wants. 


The Game comes in three sizes:

Large        8 1/2 by 11          $21

Medium     8 1/2 by 5 1/2      $14

Walet size  4 by 6                   $7

Pendulums                               $10

Plus shipping

Discounts are given for large orders Please call 562.305.5705 or e-mail Sandra@HeartsDesire.org

Game Sizes
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