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 Heart's Desire® was created when I was a Spirital Practioner in the early 90’s.  I continued my education and became a Business/Life Coach through Coach University.  These two professions helped people to create a balance between Spirit and Mind and provided a service that allowed individuals to attract and achieve their Hearts Desire.

 Now I have added more practices that include the body element of the Spirit, Mind, and Body Connection.  As you read on you will read about the healing hands that are used in Reiki and EFT.  The Sound Therapy helps from the inside out as well as the Ionic Detox that cleans the body of all unwanted pollutants that are accumulated over the years.

 I truly know with all my heart and soul that every one deserves to live their Hearts Desire now.  I continue to be of service to all who have a desire to live a life that is full of joy, happiness and that feels really good.  I totally agree with Abraham-Hicks that we are here to attract the very best for us.  No matter if you use one or all of the techniques I offer here. I guarantee with the support of Hearts Desire® you will be moving in the direction to achieve what you want within a short period of time.




Sandra Radnovich  

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